Sweet Rosie Mae

Burlesquer - GoGo Stripteaser - Instructor

Meet Rosie Mae

Rosie Mae aka Rosie Sugatits Mae is a Toronto performer. She is member of Love Letters Cabaret and can be seen performing burlesque and gogo at various Toronto venues weekly. Rosie is a dance instructor and the creator of "Rosie's Burlesque University". She teaches burlesque basics, striptease, and various forms of erotic dance at UV Pole Fitness and The Pink Studio. Rosie is also the co-creator of Hunty Swag, a fashion label created for unique street and performance wear. 

Love Letters Cabaret

Love Letters Cabaret is known as Toronto's most sexually charged dance theater company created by Pastel Supernova. The cast can be seen performing their monthly 'Knockout' review show at Lula Lounge. 


Hunty Swag

Hunty Swag is a fashion brand created by Pastel Supernova and Rosie Mae. It is a lifestyle brand that focuses on performance and street wear that is hot enough for the club, meant for a stage and easily wearable for sexy workouts. 


Upcoming Shows

Juicy Burlesque

June 21st - 9:30pm with Love Letters Cabaret


Painted Lady GoGo

Rosie can be seen bar top at the Painted Lady on Ossington on the following dates: 

June 30th, July 27th

More TBA

A Sharply Undressed Summer

A guest performance with The Gentleman's Club T.O


Rosie's Burlesque University Showcase: TRIPPIN'

Show Details:

Rosie's Burlesque University is a 10 week burlesque training  program designed for students to learn about the world of burlesque,  create burlesque personas, acts, and stage shows. Both Semester One and  Semester Two graduating students will be featured in the July 19th  performance at Lula Lounge.

Trippin' is a psychedelic trip around  the world. Students will showcase acts that will take you on glorious  vacations, explore different countries, and allow you to party around  the world all in one night under the Lula roof.

For a full night out, Rosie would like to invite you to the  late night show following Trippin' on July 19th presented by Love  Letters Cabaret. Combo Summer Ticket Packages can be found in the ticket  link above.

Trippin' - Rosie's Burlesque University Showcase
Doors: 6:00pm
Show: 7pm sharp

Love Letters Cabaret - West End Girls
Doors: 9:30pm


For guaranteed seating for General Admission Tickets, please contact Lula directly via phone to make a table reservation.

VIP tickets guarantee an interactive floor seat with no need to contact Lula.

As  a preview of what to expect in July, Rosie's Semester Two students will  be performing in the June Love Letters Cabaret show; Juicy Burlesque.  See https://www.facebook.com/events/648889545454046/  for more details, and check out the Summer Pass Package on the ticket  link which will gain you access to all three Love Letters Cabaret and  Burlesque University shows.

See Rosie Live

To book Rosie, please fill out Contact section below with event date, description, and location. 


Sweet Rosie Mae

Toronto, ON

(647) 229-1025